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What is the difference in function between ribosomes and chaperones? ?

I know ribosomes are made of the nucleic acid rRNA, and chaperones are made of proteins; and that both assist in protein folding.

How are they functional different?

Thank you.

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  • Ted K
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    Think of a protein-making "factory."  Ribosomes are the big machine that puts individual parts together into a giant finished product. Chaperone proteins are auxiliary gizmos that help hold the finished product in the correct shape.  It's a little more complicated than that, because chaperones do a lot more--some sit right next to the ribosomes, grabbing the polypeptide molecule even as it's being made. others' job comes well after production, and serve as "escorts" that can do various things: to help protect the protein, or keep it in an inactive state until it's needed, or help direct it to locations in the cell where it's needed.

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    Basically ribosomes (made of rRNA and proteins) produce proteins during translocation. Chaperones (made of protein) assist in folding of proteins, trafficking of proteins around the cell and movement of proteins into the nucleus.

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