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i read that anne franks diary was edited to exclude more sexual themes etc. Why?

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    Yes; her father edited out some sections that were of course very personal to Anne, as a young girl growing up in very cramped and restricted circumstances.

    Don't get the idea that huge chunks of red-hot pornorgraphy were cut out. It was pretty innocent stuff, but could have been embarrassing if read by the public.

    If you want to know the whole story of Anne's Diary - and it is quite complicated - it's all laid out in a special chapter in Prof Deborah Lipstadt's book "Denying the Holocaust". It addresses all the accusations about how the paper and inks and pens used weren't available at the time - they WERE - and describes in detail the different levels of editing done by her father and others at different times.In short, it will answer ALL your questions about the Diary.

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    Yes. That and some political commentaries were removed before printing.

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    Some were self-edited by her, and others by her father, likely to show her and her family in the best light and not arouse negative judgment.

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    Originally, yes, by her father, who was the only person in the "Annex" to survive.

    But the entire diary itself survived, and over the years, it has been the subject of major critical editions.

    For God's sake, all this is VERY easy to research and read.  Make an effort, dear.

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