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Are these PC Temps good?

Hi I recently moved my components into a new case and it seems like the temperature on them has actually risen now for some reason, however i think the temps still should be fine. Just an insight into my specs.

GPU: RTX 2080 Super

CPU: Intel I7 Hex Core 8700k


Other Fans: 3x Corsair + Some other one don't know the brand


Motherboard: ROG Maximus X Hero

Its fair to note that I moved these components into this new case so I could turn my Noctua cooler around in the normal position aiming towards the back, before I had it aiming upwards in the previous case, this new case does have a vent at the top so I could switch it round that way as well but it is aiming towards the back atm.

Before my idle temps used to be around:

GPU: 28 C

CPU: 30 C

HDD: (Unsure)

Now they are around:

GPU: 30 C

CPU: 32 C

HDD: 35 C

Before my temps for things like chrome etc. used to be:

GPU: 33 C

CPU: 35 C

HDD: (Unsure)

Now they are around:

GPU: 33 C

CPU: 36 C

HDD: 39 C

I won't count previous Gaming temps as they vary depending on the game and I never really played high end games with my previous case, now in my current case I have and my MAX temps in the current case are:

GPU: 65 C

CPU: 48 C

HDD: (Unsure)

Are these temps ok or are they too high? I use speedfan and they tend to be at blue arrows or green ticks most of the time, rarely do I see red arrows.

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  • 2 months ago

    those temps would be the envy of many gamers.  minor change is likely due to difference in airflow or airflow pattern.  adding another exhaust fan, at cost of about 10, will likely bring them down a bit, but you aren't anywhere close to danger levels, so I'd probably do nothing.

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  • 2 months ago

    Looks fine to me.

  • 2 months ago

    Nothing wrong/problematic with those temps.

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