Please help, I am quitting a hostile work environment?

I've never once quit without notice, always given two weeks. However my current job I have only worked there under 8 months. They're currently overstaffed and pretty hostile. I've been in toxic work environments but this one tops it. My first job my boss would throw stuff when angry,, I prefer that over my current job. My current job is petty, lots of haters and bad mouthers (like highschool drama/bullying). Is it weird that bothers me more? Its like gaslighting and messes with my head then pure aggression.. There's been three different managers since I've worked here. Workers are scap goated and confronted in the least professional ways and then they go out yelling. This is not abnormal for this company. There is no true HR which I believe is why these mangers get so aggressive and pety. I just cannot wrap my head around going in person to quit, over the phone, or even text. I've been unexpectedly hired for a job I applied for yesterday and its got great benefits. It’s professional. I did mark my current job as a reference and I'm hired anyway. I don't want to scare my coworkers into thinking I'm dead, by day two they will realize I quit because my heart is not in it anymore. I've never had issues with confrontation with my bosses even though they can be bitchy, God knows ive said plenty of things they don't want to hear. I just don't feel its worth my time to give a proper goodbye. Like I'm just returning the respect they deserve. Thoughts?

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  • 2 months ago

    Make certain that you thoroughly document every instance of it being a hostile work environment before you quit.

    You should also seek out an employment lawyer and ask for a consultation to see if you have a case against the employer.

    At the very least, if there is an inherent problem, the lawyer should be able to work out a generous severance package and a good referral.

  • 2 months ago

    Tell then somehow. If you don't say that you quit, then technically, you're an employee until they fire you for not showing up for work, and that means that for the rest of your life you'll be an employee who was fired for not showing up. That will hurt your chances of getting other jobs.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    reported as always.

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