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How are vets currently dealing with seeing pets during the pandemic ?

For the first time since the pandemic started my elderly dog is in need of a vet. We have him scheduled for the first opening in the morning but I had forgotten to ask what the current protocol is. They've now closed for the night so I can't ring them up and ask as they're not an emergency clinic.

If youve had to take in any of your pets during this pandemic what has been your experience?


Thanks for your answers everyone. My clinic is pretty much running the same but just not taking in walk ins (owners who didn't book an appointment) and only one owner in the consultation room with the vet and pet. My old man of a dog has got what he needs now so here's hoping his medication will work on his arthritis.

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    Varies by vet. If they have modified procedures in place, they will likely have them posted on the door when you arrive. My vet is operating mostly as usual, but ask that only one owner accompany the pet, that the owner wear a mask, that you ask someone else to bring your pet if you're sick, and that you observe social distancing as much as possible and wash/sanitize your hands often. Other vets will have a tech come retrieve your pet from your car and the vet will phone you to discuss as they examine your pet. 

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    My vet makes us wait in the car or outside with the pet. The come out for the pet and the vet calls us on the phone to during the exam. They bring the pet back out. You call in to pay over the phone.

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    My vet isn't even letting anyone inside. Instead, a tech or receptionist comes out and collects the pet, and they go inside and do what they need to do. My pup had a bout of conjunctivitis about two weeks ago, so we had to go and that's what happened. Everything, from signing papers to payment, was done outside.  

    My vet also has a very tiny front room, so if your vet's is bigger, you may just have to spaced with additional people having to wait outside or something. It depends on how big the place is.

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    They are requiring masks and distancing, but are open for business during usual business hours.

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