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Iphone 11 pro max black screen issue?

I replaced my old cracked screen for a new one but in the process of plugging the the display to the mother board, I forgot to unplug the battery. I went forward plugging the display and the phone was working but the screen was completely black. How I do I go forward in fixing it? I've already done hard reset and nothing.

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    If this was not an Apple OEM screen replacement, it may be a defective screen. May be a bad connection, or something else entirely. 

    Only thing you can do now is retrace your steps, disconnect everything, and put it all back together again, or find a local cell phone repair shop that deals with iPhones and rescuing DIY repairs. 

    It may very well cost more than what it would have, had you took it to the originally. But that's the breaks when you take on something that is not in your wheelhouse. 

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    Unfortunately you won't get a good answer here.  Any number of things could be wrong, it might even be a bad screen.  I've even heard rumors of Apple placing locks that make it very difficult to replace screens successfully.   You gave it a shot and it didn't work out, but that's the risk you take when try to fix your own phone yourself.  Call around and see if a repair shop can help you out.   Hopefully you can find one who can test the screen.     

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