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does it really do any damage to park on the lawn? (if not a super heavy vehicle)?

even a pick up truck and trailer can park on a lawn and if you are careful driving in and out of the lawn, it should do no damage? how depends on season or otherwise?


what kind of damage can it do?

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    Weight compacts the soil, making growing anything tougher, even grass.

    Vehicle shade will kill the grass.

    Moving a vehicle on soil shifts and shapes it, making an uneven or rutted surface.

    Driving on grass actually kills some of the grass, and the lawn will have to fill in slowly from seed.

    Parking on your lawn looks ghetto.

  • Lv 6
    2 months ago

    no, what is worse is people cutting down all the trees on their property.

        I have noticed lately, especially around me, that not only will developers come in and quickly level a house on the market, they'll bulldoze everything natural on the property, level the trees, level the land, plant fake grass, and then there'll be this "Wisteria Lane" house sitting in the middle of, for all intents and purposes, a bunch of farm houses with no major modifications done to the yards, and plenty of trees. The guys who buy these houses will traditionally try to drive everyone else out of the neighborhood too. It's a sad, sad sign of the times, if you were to ask me.    

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    If you have any leaks the fluids will damage the grass, even road salty snow will melt off the car and wreck the lawn.  Conversely, the wet grass will damage the underside of the car.  Speaking from personal experience with that one - parked half on grass, half on pavement and one side of my car rusted faster than the other.  Brakes, tie rods, rims and the worst was my gas tank.

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    2 months ago

    The shade can kill the grass unless you only park it there at night. 

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