Middle school? Or baby school?

My son will be starting middle school in September. At first he was very excited to be changing schools and having more freedom. He looked forward to having different teachers for different subjects and to having different kids in every class. He also looked forward to choosing his own electives. 

He is very disheartened that the middle school is treating students like babies. They are grouped into teams, and actually stay with the same class all day long. They even walk together when they change classes. He is upset that he has the same teacher for homeroom, reading, math and science. He is also upset that he was not given an opportunity to choose his own elective classes. Everyone on his "team" has to take art as an elective, while the other team gets to take wood shop. Nonsense!  Now,  he doesn't want to go to the "baby school" anymore. When I was in Junior High, things were not like this. We were actually treated as teenagers, not preschoolers. I believe that Middle School should not just be a continuation of elementary school. I don’t want him on a team!  What are these kids going to do when they get to high school when nobody is there to baby them or hold their hands.  I already told him that he didn't have to walk with the class when they change classes. I want to be involved in my son's course selection, and I don't want the school randomly assigning courses because it's easier on them.  Are they trying to turn the next generation into incompetent, dependent babies?


This has nothing to do with Covid, and it is their normal process. Please don’t go there

Update 2:

Again please no Covid stuff. As I said above this is their process regardless. It has nothing to do with Covid, so please don’t bring up Covid. Let’s be big boys and girls and follow the instructions. When they’re ready for me

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    It kind of sounds like you’re the middle schooler in this scenario.

    Lots of schools are doing things differently this year due to COVID-19.  Be glad you(r kid) get(s) to go to school.

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    You have already posted this question and got answers.

    If you are upset with your child’s school, go talk to the principal or school district superintendent 

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