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how does Mars squaring Pluto right now affect everyone?  how about other aspects now? how blends in with natal chart?

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    It doesn't.  You've hit upon something that is ignored by a lot of astrologers who should know better.  As you observed, Mars is square Pluto for the entire world. Common sense tells us that it cannot possibly affect everyone on Earth in the same way. 

    The importance of the worldview of the people who developed way back when cannot be overstated.  They viewed the world events through the lens of a kind of hierarchy. God was at the apex, and therefore all actions were best carried out, both by man and nature according to the will of God. God had angels who were also ranked, beneath Him. On Earth the king was, depending on the culture, a divine (ancient Egypt) or semi-divine (Western Europe) figure. Beneath the king there were various noblemen, and down the line to the peasants or slaves in some societies. This also applied to nature. Even today we refer to gold as one of the "noble" metals. 

    Astrology was viewed the same way.  The most important charts were those that affected the world.  Among those was the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart. Lesser charts, e.g. ingresses, eclipses, were judged through the lens of the conjunction in effect. 

    In natal astrology the natal chart is the radical chart.  Everything that happens is viewed through that chart. One old astrologer described it this way: the effects of an aspect were distributed throughout the world indiscriminately and equally.  However those specific effects were the result of being "filtered" through a particular chart. In order to determine the "effects" of Mars Pluto, in natal astrology, one has to have the natal chart to see where it falls, what Mars and Pluto rule in that chart, other aspects it makes etc.  There is no one size fits all in natal astrology, which is why Sun sign astrology is hokum. 

    Using Donald Trump's chart, Mars will be in the 9th (Placidus cusps) when it squares Pluto in the 6th.  9th is foreign countries or in his case foreign affairs.  The 6th is illnesses (NOT HEALTH) and armies. So he might have to confront some kind of explosive foreign conflict or another outbreak of a foreign virus.  I'm not predicting that since I think transits are overrated, but I mention it to give you an idea of how it works. 

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    Aside from the weasel worded responses, how are can businesses, governments, and entire countries have astrology charts? Ridiculous to make such a claim. Can’t explain it for people, why should there be an explanation for this?  

    Astrology spews enough lies to make Trump look good, it doesn’t matter. 

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    We look at how transiting planets aspect OUR natal planets.

    If you are doing mundane astrology instead of personal/natal astrology ... looking at the "birthchart" for a business or a government or a country, then transiting planets to transiting planets might be significant.  Might be, depending on the chart.

    But unless YOU have a planet at 23 Capricorn or 23 Cancer (both of these positions will be squared by transiting Mars at 23 Aries in mid-August) ... unless you have planets at either of those two positions, you won't be affected by transiting Mars squaring transiting Pluto.  After all, it's not YOUR Pluto that Mars will be squaring.

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