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Ok now I’m worried?

Ok so I’m a singer, and my voice was very hoarse and raspy last month or the month before. I was told to just don’t sing as much and drink hot tea and all this stuff. But now it has been two months at least. I haven’t been singing as much. I might sing something short for like a few seconds every once in a while tho. My voice hurts still, and when I try to see how high my voice can go( I don’t do it forcefully, I kind of do it softly just to see if my upper range is like hoarse). All the notes that I used to be able to sing in my upper range or like higher notes i still can’t sing. It sounds like a hoarse whisper. I’m soooo worried to the point that I don’t know what to even do anymore. I am not an adult yet, in case you were wondering my experience or how long. I’ve only been singing for at least five years, and this has never happened before. I know I should go the the ent but the corona had kind of set that back. Should I just go now? IS MY VOICE PERMANENTLY DAMAGED? will everything be ok. Singing is what I want my future to be and I’m sooo scared. Pls tell me anything you can. 

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    As it sounds like you already know, that could be a million things. From an infection, to injury, to cancer, to "just a fact", and you need to seer a doctor for a diagnosis.

    First, you need to know what it is. Secondly, if it is something that can be cured, such as an infection, then the longer you live with it, the more likely it'll affect you more severely.

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