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What should I do if I have trouble seeing?

I don't need new glasses because I just got my eyes checked and the optometrist said they're fine but I can't see far away objects. I can't even see street signs while driving but everyone thinks I'm lying. What should I do?

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    If you see clearly at some distances but not at others, it is a problem that should be solvable with glasses. It is not usually a very difficult thing to figure out for your optometrist. He may have not thought any change that he detected was enough to be worth changing your glasses for. He probably tested your eyes in a room where the screen was closer than the things that you are having trouble with. You probably should try again with the same doctor since he won't have to do the same health tests again. There should be a glasses Rx that allows you to see distance.

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    Find a different Eye Doctor and have your eyes checked..........also tell this person you can't see far away objects and street signs while driving.

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    Visit doctor.    

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    Check that your eyesight is clear to at least the specified minimum safe driving distance. In the UK that means you must be able, in reasonable lighting conditions, to read a car number plate from 20 meters away. Your visual acuity must be at least 0.5, and your field of vision should be checked regularly by your optician.

    Go to a different optician if you truly cannot see clearly at the minimum distance.

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    Find another one, he is obviously not qualified.

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    Get another optometrist.

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