Is it ok to have casual friends?

So,  I try to be a good friend,   but alot of times I get NOTHING in return  (and don't say that being a good friend means you should never expect a favour returned)

Most of the friends I have,  are not really  (TRUE)   friends that you can depend on for anything day or night.....but if you enjoy each others company;   is it still healthy and (wise)   to have friendships like that......but no doing things for each other   (just maybe go on a hike with them.....dinner?   bowling?   movie?  )   

Just want some opinions,   as I figure most of my friends are like that.

One thing I have cut,   is giving rides to friends....

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    There are close friends and there are casual acquaintances and everything in between.  Sounds like you have a nice big circle of friendly acquaintances which is healthy and wise.  Friendship doesn't mean people HAVE to do things for each other.  If you felt you were being used as a taxi, cutting rides for random people sounds sensible.

  • 6 months ago

    Is it "ok"? Ok with whom? The only question here is whether it's ok WITH YOU. 

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