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Is it worth going from an HD7790 to HD4890?

A friend of is replacing his entire system and is willing to give me his old 4890 for free. I was wondering if it's worth replacing my current 7790 with the card?

Will I see any improvement in gaming?



@David: How accurate is the G3D benchmark in terms of gaming performance. I mean, is it reliable?

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    The 7790 is still better and that's considering Raw performance. The 7790 has better driver support which will increase the lead the 7790 has over the 4890.

    Secondary reasons

    -AMD stopped driver support for their HD4000 series back in 2013. The HD7000 series is still supported by the current drivers. AMD's Vega and Polaris series use the GenNEX/GCN architecture and so does the HD7000 series. AMD finally switched to RDNA last year but they plan to keep GCN alive for compute purposes.

    -The 7790 has a lower power draw so it will run cooler. Basically it's more efficient.

    -HD4890 came out in 2009 and it uses the 55nm fan whereas the HD7790 came out in 2013 and it uses the 28nm fab. Not like this matters but this is the reason it's more efficient.

    Since the 7790 is newer and since the 7790 consumes less power, it should last longer.

    If you're looking for a better graphics card, then why not look at an RX 570 or RX 580..... or possibly an RX 470 or RX 480?.... Check the power supply in your system to see what it will support. There are some RX 470 and RX 570 cards that only need an additional 6-pin PCI-E power connector.

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    No the 7790 is still a better performer

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