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How can parents go to work when their kindergartener has to do remote learning ?

My son is starting kindergarten for the first time in September. We have just found out that his school will be doing remote learning and he has to be online from 8-1. My husband and I both work full time while my son is babysat by his grandparents. We do not have the option to work from home. We are also not comfortable sending him to school so we are glad about the remote learning, we just thought it would be more flexible. 

How are parents expected to work if their kids have to do remote learning? His grandparents can't sit with him in front of a computer for 5 hours everyday. They're old and not tech savy. I keep trying to find information but there is none available. Do kindergartener's need an adult with them to do remote learning? I would assume so since my 5 year old can't work a computer. Any information/advice would be great.


The school did not provide additional details, perhaps they will at a later time but I doubt that they will be able to address the issue of how I will go to work everyday while doing distance learning with my son. 

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    Pay the babysitter extra for the online set up and homework help.

    I honestly think it is crazy that parents use school as child care and dont realize educating your own child is your job as a parent all the time.

    I think its time for parents to put their child first verses the job$$$$...not buy so much and work a half day...believe me educating your own child has more value than any job.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Let him skip kindergarten for now. He'll be just fine. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    My three year old could "work a computer" back in 1989. School is not a baby-sitter, the grandparents can handle this easily, and you're worrying isn't going to help anything. Get the information you need directly from the school. That's your job.

  • Edna
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    2 months ago

    You're a little late asking this question or worrying about it. Most schools all over the country began re-opening on a full time basis over a week ago.

    Your child won't have to sit in front of a computer for 5 or more hours straight every day. He'll have to be on the computer only during the time that his online "class" for a particular subject is in session - whatever those hours might be for a child who is only in kindergarten. When his "class" isn't in session, he can go outside and play, or do whatever he wants to do.

    Kindergarten isn't compulsory. A child who is just beginning kindergarten is usually only about 4 years old, and sometimes younger. A child who is 5-1/2  to 6 years old isn't in Kindergarten - he's in First Grade at school.

    A child who is only in Kindergarten wouldn't be likely to spend more than one hour a day on remote learning over a computer. About all kindergarten teaches kids of that young age is  their A,B,C's and how to count to ten. Many places that call themselves "kindergartens" and charge you for you kid to attend aren't affiliated with the local school district - they're just a kind of baby-sitting service.

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  • 3 months ago

    You already said his grandparents watch him, so they would watch him while he's remote learning. They don't have to sit with him the whole time, he's supposed to work independently and with the teacher.  His grandparents should be "trained" on how to sign him on, and should check on him regularly, but they don't need to sit next to him for the 5 hours.  It's extremely unlikely that he's actually meant to be sitting and staring at the screen from 8 am to 1 pm anyway, those are simply the instructional hours.

    I personally wouldn't dismiss kindergarten entirely, even if it's optional in your area.  Remote learning is already going to result in delays for a lot of kids, and it's entirely possible it'll go into next school in some areas.  Starting first grade online with no previous instruction could be downright traumatic for some kids, not to mention extremely difficult for the teacher.

  • 3 months ago

    I would be contacting the school directly and requesting an outline of the school "day" for kindergarten... that's is a ridiculously long time for a five year old to be online. I can understand having a couple of 15-20 minute sessions of video chat for direct instruction, but five hours online is inappropriate for that age. If you are in the United States, I believe you have until your child is seven years old before you have to prove they are attending school, so if they do indeed require kindergartners to be online for five hours straight, I would consider not starting school yet. Let him play outside, read books together, explore the world, do real-world learning, and just relax. 

  • 3 months ago

    This is going to be a challenge for millions of people.  You are lucky you have grandparents to help.  Start today to get your parents more tech savvy.  Using a computer today isn't hard.  It is time for them to step up and get some basic competency or you will need to hire a sitter who can help.

    It is possible the kindergarten is not required by your state, so you can also look into that open or decide to hold your child back a year. 

    Another option is to select a home schooling option -- not the remote learning provided by your local school. There are many homeschooling options from free public programs like K-12 to private curriculums (both secular and religious) you can purchase along with workbooks, etc.  If you are not comfortable with the school's approach, you can register to homeschool your child and have the Grandparents do this. 

    Feel free to proactively contact your child's school and or school district office to get more details. They should have most of this worked out and either sent to you or provided online if you registered your son for kindergarten.

    The great thing about kindergarten is that there are a lot of things that anyone can do with a child:  count legos or blocks, color, learn to write your name, phonics and learn to read activities, all kind of projects.  Learning about the community, doing "science" experiments like baking.  

  • LizB
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    3 months ago

    The grandparents are going to have to learn how to use the tools so they can help him. Kids are smart, even at that age, so once he's learned how to access his lessons he'll be able to login without much help... but he'll still need grandparents to supervise him. Kids that age don't stay on task very well without an adult to help keep them focused.

    That said, your son won't necessarily have to sit in front of the computer for 5 hours nonstop. There will probably be some scheduled online lessons or meetings with his teacher/class, but some of the lessons may be things he can complete outside of that 5 hours. You'll have to consult either with his teacher or with the school to find out what online learning will look like. I can say that even well before the pandemic, many public school districts offered "homeschool" curricula that was web-based, and a kid who was focused could easily finish the entire day's assignments in just a couple of house.

  • 3 months ago

    It's not reasonable to expect any Kindergartener to sit at a computer (or anywhere) for five hours.

    In many states, Kindergarten is optional, so you may want to check if he even needs to be legally enrolled, then do more informal learning activities with him at home.

  • 3 months ago

    It is quite surprising that the kindergarten did not provide you with this information so I would contact them today and let them know you did not receive the information pack that spells out how the remote learning will work, what will be covered, and who you would contact in case you have technical issues with your home PC setup or if you have additional questions not covered in the materials provided.

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