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Law & Order Episode Search?

Hi I'm Nine Skywalker trying to find a episode of law and order where near the end of the episode the case is solved by Olivia Be who gets a confession after interrogate in public court from a hot teen girl who slept with a retarded boy or gave hIm a bj to keep him quite because she committed a murder he was some sort of witness it was a good episode thrilling episode for a law and order mythology please give me title of episode season number and episode number.I don't know if it was SVU or one of the other ones but I know and remember Elliot in the episodes around the one I'm looking for. 😊

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    I’ve seen every single episode of svu, but not the other shows. The only episode I can think of is one that happened after Elliot left the show. A couple of teenage girls killed their young classmate. The little boy was part of the gypsy community. The girls tried to frame a mentally disabled guy for the murder and they gave him a bj to keep him quiet. The episode is season 13, episode 9. It’s called lost traveller. Just FYI, you can get all this type of info on the IMDB app. 

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