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Could Alcatraz escapees have rode the California current?

The currents near Alcatraz pull the water out the gate towards the Pacific Ocean and running south along the pacific coast is the fairly strong California current.

Could the escapees have rode their raft out to sea to be assumed dead and then drifted on the current out of sight of land for a while and then headed East back to shore to land on the pacific coast somewhere south of San Francisco the following night.

If they knew the rough speed of the California current it would have been possible to use the sun and stars to determine approximate time and direction.

It would have been theoretically possible to land at a predetermined location within a 10 mile guess window.

Could they have rode the California current and possibly landed on the pacific coast many miles to the south? 

They would have likely be assumed drowned once they went out to sea. But being sucked out to sea isn’t the end for someone who knows basic currents and navigation. 

Is it theoretically possible that they rode the California current?

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