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How much is too much tv for a baby?

I'm an educator but for High school students and not young children so my childhood development knowledge is little bit more wishy-washy.  Let me also clarify that I am not insinuating that I'm going to leave my baby to watch television on her own as a "babysitter".  However I am a human being and so I myself watch television and so does my husband. We tend to watch a lot of history documentaries and the news and lately my 2 month old daughter will do anything and everything in her little tiny power to turn her head to see the television one it's on. I'm just wondering if anybody else allows their baby to see the TV while they're holding them or sitting with them or what not. I just don't know if ramifications of showing babies tv's at a young age is really is bad as everyone says because from what I glean from my own mother and grandmother is that I used to watch cartoons and play educational video games on the nintendo when I was under 4. They can't remember restricting how much TV or screen time I got then again this was the 90s so there were a lot less screens in general. As I dont think I have focus issues as an adult from this. I just wanted some other parents opinions or even adult to were given screen time as children. Again I'm not insinuating I'm gonna turn cartoons on for her to watch while I'm not in there but should I be worried as she is watching the TV with me for short bursts

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    At two months old, she's not "watching tv"... she's noticing moving things and watching them. Like you said, I don't think I'd set her up on her own in front of the tv while you do chores or whatnot and I don't think anyone needs to be sitting in front of the tv for hours on end. But, I doubt her being in the room when you watch a movie is going to melt her brain... at least the thousands of humans that have grown up with other people living their lives around them have turned out reasonably okay. 

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    She isn't watching t.v., you are holding her and interacting with her and she is interested in the noise and movement. It isn't hurting her, but if you are absorbed in a show, it takes away some of your time with her.

    Maybe save your screen time largely for when she's in bed.

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    NO TV until child begins high school.  Children NEED their parents not a stupid TV.

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    Any amount of tv is too much for a newborn.  But she's not watching tv, she's turning toward sounds. 

    If you're watching tv and she's in the room, it isn't going to hurt her.  You aren't parking her in front of a tv, you're interacting with her while a tv is on in the room.

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    Leave the kid to watch TV. 

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    According to the Department of Early Learning in my state, a child under the age of two should not have ANY screen time. 

    For school aged children, screen time should be limited to 2.5 hours per week (with the exception of computer time that is required to complete schoolwork). 

    That being said, most parents do not raise their kids in a safety bubble that is in accordance to what the experts say is "best" and yet they still turn out fine.

    I personally wouldn't feel it necessary to remove an infant from a room simply because a screen was on.   That's overkill IMO.   However, I would make sure the baby had other forms of stimulus available. 

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