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How do I overcome my distress that my vacation this year fell through due to COVID-19 risk?

I am utterly devastated and cannot get over it. I am so upset I could kill myself. In a year or two this coronavirus crap will be over but it seems so long from now. I am not bearing this well and no one in the family is seeing each other because of the coronavirus. 


How do I overcome this? Also, how do I overcome the solitude of social isolation? I feel this will never end. 

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    Hey! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through some hard times. I too had a vacation plan that had to be canceled and I was pretty upset about it. I know what you are going through but don’t worry, it will get better! You can always do something small that would make you feel better. For instance, you can go to your neighborhood pool or park with your friends and family. You don’t have to be on vacation to have a good time. If you really feel like to kill yourself then I strongly suggest seeking mental health help or you could always talk to me. :)) Again, I’m really sorry about your situation and I hope you feel better!

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    Ask your psychiatrist

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