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Maintenance entering my unit?

During Covid, I’m working from home. I live in a townhouse where each room is rented out by management. They sent out an email saying “over the next few weeks, we will be entering your units to clean vacant rooms.” There are dozens and dozens of units here so it’s not very clear when they’re entering units. However, maintenance has walked into my unit three times this week all while I’m working and making a lot of noise while I’m in meetings. Does this general email count as sufficient for a 24 hour notice? I want to email my LL to ask them to notify me before coming so I can prepare my meetings accordingly.

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    2 months ago

    The email was the notice.  

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    You have been given sufficient notice.  Keep your door closed and tape a sign to it that reads:  "This room is NOT vacant and silence would be appreciated - in a video-conference for work. Thank you."

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    That is reasonable to do and you should absolutely ask your management to please let you know ahead of time--more than the notice you've been given. Let them know the situation. If they are reasonable people, they will at least try to accommodate you. 

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    It is sufficient, especially since you only rent the room.  They do not need to give notice to enter the main unit, only your rented space.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your unit is your room.  They need to give you 24 hours notice to enter it.   

    Common areas shared by other tenants is not the same thing. 

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    2 months ago

    It is just a courtesy email to inform you about what they are doing which is to "clean vacant rooms", which they are legally entitled to enter without notificating tenants who rent rooms, they only need to give you 24 hours notice if they plan on inspecting the room you rent...... like it or not the reality is you working for home is your issue not theirs

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    Since they rent out by the bedroom instead of by the unit, they likely don't need to provide any notice to enter the common areas of the apartment and the empty bedrooms.  They can't enter your bedroom. 

    You can ask them to give you more notice, but they probably don't need to comply.

    Your conference call software probably has a noise cancellation feature.  You will hear the noise but the other attendees shouldn't, if this is turned on.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Feel free to sue them. And let me know how hard the judge laughs at you.

  • 2 months ago

    most likely, as long as they are not entering your ROOM or interfering with your use of common areas, they are in compliance with notice based on the housing you described as they are coming to work on vacant rooms, not common shared space.  you can certainly ask them if they are able to give you more specific notice so that you can arrange your work schedule accordingly.

    for your exclusive use area, the notice typically does need to be as specific as possible as to date and time range....a few weeks would never be acceptable for your specific use area. usually it would have to be for 1 specific day...and sometimes depending on the nature of the work, a FEW days would be acceptable, but never a few weeks.

    if this were just 1 townhouse with 1 single owner who does not live there, likely notice for the shared areas would need to be more specific....but this is more like 1 big building that rents rooms where the landlord would normally be in shared areas.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, it counts as 24-hour+ notice of entry.  Yes, you can feel free to ask the management office or facilities/maintenance office if they would please text or call you in advance.  They may or may not be able to comply with that request.

    How many empty bedrooms are there to clean?  Are the done yet?

    The good news is that lots of people are working from home and most folks are very understanding about noise or other interruptions (dogs barking, kids, doorbells, etc.). 

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