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Am I deceiving people?

I am a college student who saw an ad in the college newspaper for a job that paid $50 per one hours work. I was always short of cash so I checked the job out. It was for a sperm donor. I thought this was a good way to get badly needed money and help women who could not have a baby at the same time. I told other guys about this “job” and they must have told some of their female friends. Sone of these females refused to date me because I was a sperm donor. This did not make sense to me so I ask them why. None of them could give a good reason.

Now when someone ask me about my job, I tell them it is in inventory control at a bank. This is true. I stock the inventory at a sperm bank. The few people that know what I do tell me I am deceiving people.

Do you think I am?

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    Call it what you want. Tell no one.

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