What are the differences between different types of German secondary schools?

I know that German secondary education comes in three flavours: hauptschule, realschule and gymnasium. What can you do after each one? Gymnasium is supposed to prepare for university, so if the other ones are not what is the difference between realschule and hautschule? Can you go to any university after realschule? What about degrees like engineering? Do you need to go to gymnasium for that as well?

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  • 2 months ago

    When u go to Gymnasium u can chose to continue going to school for 3 years and then u go to college (so it goes to 10th grade and the plus 3 years). Ppl who go to gymnasium are smarter than average or learn faster/more (mostly). Ppl who go to Realschule are average students and it’s a bit harder to get to the gymnasium for the next 3 years (10th grade aswell) , but if they managed to do that then it’s the same like ppl from the gymnasium. Hauptschule is for ppl who aren’t that smart/under average. They only go to 9th grade and can if they are smart enough go to Realschule for the 10th grade , but it’s harder to go to college for them. 

    (Sorry for my bad English :/ ) 

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