What is a sorority house & what's it like?

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    2 months ago
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    It really depends on the sorority. You should ask around first to find out the reputation. Some require that you live in the house for a certain time and some don't. Some don't even have the room for more than the seniors. National sororities cost more and are more strict about rules. Some secretly still haze (though the sororities tend to be more sane than frats). My daughter's sorority did haze but nothing much beyond some sleep deprivation, library hours and cleaning the sorority house. You will not get much rest. If you aren't fairly disciplined, it's best to join one that doesn't haze and doesn't require living in the sorority house. I've heard horror stories of houses that have 8-10 per room. It's best to ask around. As you're pledging you may get courted by a particular sorority. 

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