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Heal pain ?

Today while I was jogging I felt like a popping sensation in my heel (I say popping, it was a single pop)... I have had heel pain in the past but have ignored it... So I get back to the house and my immediate reaction is to ice or more so start the RICE method... 

I am on Google trying to find out if this is something I need to see the doc for, if I am even going the right direction with it? 

All I know for sure is, I've had some heel pain, while jogging I felt a pop (almost felt like I had stepped on a stone though it was flat pavement, no rocks around) and I can still wiggle my toes...

Any and all help is very much appreciated! 

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  • 2 months ago

    Need a better exam, where is the pain and can you point your toes, point your foot downward......

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