yellowttoes asked in PetsDogs · 4 months ago

what do i need to know about taking care of a dog? ?

i am thinking about getting a dog and it seems like hard work! please help me! 

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  • 4 months ago

    Know that your whole house and yourself will be permanently stinky and dirty. Also there will be pools of drool and piles of mutt hair everywhere. Also, you’ll have to pick up mutt poop at 4 am in plastic baggies. Enjoy!!!! :)

  • 4 months ago

    The basics provide water, food and exercise (and play)

    Depending on the breed the exercise could be huge so take this into account when choosing a dog (if the dog can run free on a huge property, or you run everyday and can take the dog with you)

    If you travel you either have to take the dog or have someone take care of it.

    Training the dog to go to the bathroom (usually outside) and training it to good behavior. This can be a lot of work during the training portion but pays huge rewards down the road.

    It takes time. The work is no "hard" but you need to stay dedicated to it.

    Also, you may have a lot more time at home now (maybe not) but if your normal work day (including commute) is 12 hours and you have to keep the dog in a crate during that time, it may not be the best situation to have a dog. Think about the dogs needs first and your ability to fulfill them over the course of the entire dogs life, not just for the next year or so.

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