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What type of dog is she?

When we got her which was almost 8 years ago they said she was a yorkie mix. But with what. Is she even a yorkie mix?


We didnt get her at a shelter or rescue. We got her from a breeder.

Update 2:

Those are not rabbit ears. It was just blurry.

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    Mixes are not always a specific "what else"...  and often the shelter or rescue takes a GUESS as to what her heritage MIGHT be.

    I personally would have guessed Westie mix or maybe a Cairn mix myself...   but really, any small terrier type dog could be in her heritage

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    The dog is a MIX.  IMO the rabbit ears are photo-shopped on, but no not a yorkie, they are never white.  The dog looks leggier than any Yorkie, as well.  Could be a  Westie MIX with some thing like a long haired Chi.

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    Looks like a yorkie-rabbit mix - but a DNA test would tell you for sure.

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