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Would you ever consider not watching a sport if an athlete kneels during the National Anthem?

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  • 3 months ago

    No, because anyone who does lacks the ability to accept that a different race of people is having a completely different experience than they are and they are tired of it. Aside from what u see in the news, being black means people make the worst assumptions about you. They put you in a whole outfit with hat and matching handcuffs. When you are the only black person in your prep school, people assume you must come from a low income household and used the charitable scholarship, when in fact your parents are both college educated business professionals who chose the school based on its academia and paid for it. When you are walking to your car at night, women pull away from you, assuming you are intending to harm them. When you are in your own neighborhood, walking your own neighborhood, neighbors call security to say "black man, behaving strangely" is snooping around. When security patrol approaches you, you then have to explain where u live and what you are doing. People assume you did not have a father and speak to you as if you are uneducated. When you go shopping security magically seems to be in the same areas you are. When you go to a high end boutique, you do not get attention as the staff assume you cannot afford to be there, but security has made certain to turn from standard outward facing position, to inward to watch you. In health care, the Journals of Medicine & numerous studies have concluded that newborn infants are 3 times more likely to die from care if handled by a white physician than black. This is face, u can research. Black women are also more likely to receive misdiagnosis & under treatment detrimental to their healthful outcome, & have their pain concerns dismissed. The same journals concluded that this is based on institutionalized racism in which the same racial biases of society impact how blacks are treated as it is assumed the black woman is tough, can handle more, and has her concerns doubted therefore not addressed properly, therefore delayed care, therefore detriment. Black people have to teach their children at a young age what the n word is becuase the child asks after being called it. They then have to explain racism. Do u know how that breaks an innocent child's spirit? Meanwhile, you are seeing the flag and pledge as this awesome thing that one can be proud in. Not acknowledging that blacks are routinely killed with no punishment or accountability, so what the flag means to u is not the same. It doesnt matter if u follow all the rules as a black person or you are a criminal. You are subject to a life of pain and mistreatment and there is nothing u can do about it that works. Then comes the kneel to draw attention. 

  • 4 months ago

    No, I wouldn't consider that.

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