What are my chances at UVA School of Medicine?

Hi guys, I currently have a 3.65 overall gpa and a 3.68 BCPM GPA, with a 514 MCAT. I am also in-state and graduated from a state school. What do you think my chances are in getting into UVA Med thanks!

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    The average for admitted applicants at UVA is 3.84 GPA and 

    517.76 MCAT. Since you're below average in both, I'd think your chances are quite slim (since one would expect that a high MCAT score would offset a lower GPA and vice versa). 

    You have a better chance at Virginia Tech and Eastern Virginia.

  • 1 month ago

    No one can answer that. UVA is a very competitive medical school. It's always going to depend on who the other applicants are, and what their qualifications are. Both because of the American Medical Association and desires to keep schools competitive, medical schools have a very limited number of places available. Part of this, frankly, is the desire to keep the number of doctors limited so earning remain high. I know people from elite colleges who had to go to "offshore" medical schools- in Guadalajara and other places because there were so few places in US schools. 

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