What instruments were used in this song?

Tried Googling what Dave Wise used to produce the song but I'm not having much luck.


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I feel like I hear a bit of Xylophone but other than that, no clue.

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  • steve
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    1 month ago
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    One would first need to identify the particular type and model of instrument he used (undoubtedly some type of synthesizer), then determine if it was a pre-programmed voice or a synthesizer voice he created.   

    Within the track I hear (among other unidentified sounds) synthesized marimba, theatre organ, and clarinet.     He previously had experience with a Yamaha CX5 music computer, but he probably used something better than that at this point.

    Your best option would be to contact Dave Wise directly from his website, as only he can accurately answer your question.

    Source(s): Dave Wise profile at Moby Games
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