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I opened a capsule and swallowed the powder (without knowing its bad), what should I do?

I went to the store earlier and finally decided to man up and start taking some vitamin capsules instead of small tablets. I’ve always had a fear of choking on one of them and so I’ve never really ever had a capsule before. Anyway, today I picked up a capsule (Iron plus 28mg) and looked at it, and noticed there was a line, and so I opened it. For some reason I thought “hmm, if it can open then I’m sure you can swallow it that way too right?” So I did. A few minutes later I checked on my phone and now I’m panicking since the internet is saying it will ruin my stomach and stuff. Do I need to go to a clinic or hospital, or will I just have an angry stomach for the next day or two?

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    You don’t need to do any of that.  It’s one capsule, you will be fine. The hospital or clinic have nothing to mitigate the capsule, nor do you need to particularly assume your stomach will be angry. Food may sooth it too, bland food.

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