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College Question?

So, I've been thinking a lot about college as of late, My question is if I were to graduate college after 9 years, (Start at 20 then take a few years to take remedial classes or re-learn certain subjects, then bachelors.) Would I be able to find a job (Computer Science Major).

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    Getting a job is related to a person's abilities, knowledge, and attitude. While I won't discourage you from trying, I'd strongly suggest that you either dig deep and put your effort into school or consider other options rather than look at spreading your education over 9 years.  Of course, only you know what you can afford to do.

    Employers hire skills.  Yes, an employer will want to know why a 30-year-old is a new college graduate, but rather than tell people you took the better part of decade to get a degree,  you'd say that you had to work and take classes part-time.  You would also have your work/employment history during that time.  

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    2 months ago

    Taking 9 years to graduate can cause a dent in your resume. Your employers are going to want to know why it took you so long. Also, if you plan on taking out aid for school, the financial aid only allows 6 years max of offering it.

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    If you think you can convince the employer that it took you 9 years to graduate then yes. Believe me, they will ask you that and you need to have better reasons than above.

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