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Wasn t also the Crown -head of Church in american colonies /USA ?it looks there was already an anarchy when the Independance war took place ?


The american collonies look to have started to imitate Henric VIII like the devil imitates and that s an abuse ,i red Scarlet Letter actually here it was dictatorship until 89 ,there wasn t american literature at university of letters and i discovered recently that i was raped having lost my memort since then and from before by mason spy part greek as i had no idea there were such people here ...and they are a net. 

The rape was in 1994 and the rapist was introduced inn1991 

Update 2:

There was a Security here with secret files and it looks that masons knew the files of my family when they sent the rapists..and knew things about me and my family that i found out after 25 years .

Update 3:

I think that you must check who are the descendants who have made American Congress as here an agent of Security told America has bern founded by masons..and the presidents are masons and the dictator until 1989 has been a mason two and previously in 45 we had a germain king from some reasons that has been 20 or so and he has children a daughter returned here e.g but the masons made a parliament without having the right to do it and stole votes with the genocide 

Update 4:

The divorce actually it looks to be juridical papers and /from a Court since there was a king no matter who ..since 19 th century .we are no longer in 19 th century ..abd ridiculous things are happening to me.

I was raped ..and i didn t receive the divorce spending 5 years walking to the Court ,the rapist didn t come wasn t call to come at least as if i was raped by spirits being told Itvs prescribed -and there is the masonic type of President and agalse Republic.."the right of everyone ."

Update 5:

I didn t kbow there were rapists part foreigners here and it don t seems there is a law against them and for our protecrion..the court is made of thieves that graduate from lawand are foreigners like gipsies also look to be cloned as i saw pope tall as a tree..and i discovered spies in my family and agents of security perhaps 

Update 6:

I have a thik file of 10 cm thick and they closed all the time the file since 5 years saying all the time something was the adress of the ex spose ..while we are separated from 10 years since he left and went to his mistress as she gave birth to a baby which is now 10 years or more and i still don t have the divorce and i need you to withdraw your Congress fir raping me here .You made the first president who was first of the Congress being declared of the Country which is criminal 

Update 7:

Your country is ruled by criminals since you made the colonies..they do not have devine right to rule and they kill people while you cannot controll them .

They don t respect people s right and they take their votes without DemicraticvAssembly they are asect calling Themselves Democratic as they are gods of Olimpus.

The parliament is nule if there is no king and there is no democratic assembly ..i have visions of huge snakes and devils and angeles and princesses golden bottles and crowns

Update 8:

The codes contain your masonic legislation perhaps it s ridiculous .while i was raped and the punishment for rapist was suspended i didn t receive the divorce although we are separated of 10 years and the rapist has a child with his mistress .

During my country when there wasn t foreign rulers..the divorce meabt that the two separated..and i ciuldn t remarry and this belongs to foreigners i actually need a trial to your state and others .

That is an antichrist crime..-influencing other state.

Update 9:

Alao it seems to have dissapeared pages from.the file. 

Update 10:

I need you to withdraw your mason presidents from here and dissapear forever with them from this country. .you made the most horryfying crimes ever seen!

Update 11:

The whole planet is starving because of your masons and millions of babies have been aborted while the mothers do not have mobey fir condom and not teligion at all because of your laicism !

Update 12:

You are the most sinfull state ever seen in the world .

You kill people in the street and you did the genocide here it s told by a tv on internet  you are out of minds .

Update 13:

Your masons need to be arrested and hanged they killed and raped for centuries with secret files called of security in wich the people are registeted forced and nowaday with a code of number that is a corruption since the Court has required me the rapist s code ..told also to be personal....that is writen by police ..on identity card..i am not the Police ! 

Update 14:

And the code was already writen in the file on certificate birth copy .

Update 15:

The police otself needs to be underarest for this code that anyobe even private companies hiring people can have in a copy while the secret files of comunist are still not given to us and we have raped by parents ...we didn t know we had such a thibg the parebts didn t say..who has such a if it a riddle ..we must know whose are the files and what for and definitely we had as there was also a member of the Great Natiobal Assembly in my family without our permission to be raped 

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    I have no idea what you being raped by your parents (and your husband, various members of the clergy, politicians, Physicians and neighbors) has to do with anything in the USA.

    Yes, in general if you give permission for sex it isn't rape.

  • 1 month ago

    What are you babbling about? Do you even know? "Crown head of Church"? There was no such thing. "Anarchy"?! There was effectively run local government throughout the Colonies at the time. Your understanding of Colonial America is very flawed. Your updates are hopelessly ignorant!

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