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I get full blown panic attacks around the girl i like and i feel helpless?

i am a boy who is 16 i have been struggling with anxiety depression ed ocd and ptsd. I get panic attacks around the girl i like, she gets it because we both have a background in anxiety. i really, really like her. the first time we hung out was fine we just cuddled and watched netflix the second time we kissed but then the third and i was in the bathroom having a panic attack and feeling sick and i told her about it and asked her if it was okay for her to go home cuz i was in a bad state that day, she understood and told me it was ok and then the last time about a week ago we hung out was able to hold myself together for a while but by the end of the night i was in such a bad panic attack i felt like i was going to throw up so i hid in the bathroom i told her and she understood  and waited for me, now she says she wants to hangout with me but she wants me to stay the whole time so she doesn’t have to go here and back which i 100% get. I told her i’d figure out what is happening to me again and then we can hangout. i really really like her but i’m afraid i won’t be able to hangout or even talk to her with this anxiety. I’m gonna try xanax tmrw and see how it sits with me and if it’s good i’ll just take one before we hangout. please if u know anything to help me i’m desperate and scared i won’t be able to spend the time with her i want too. i just wish i was normal 

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    She seems like a nice girl who seeks to understand you. I'm glad you have someone you can be open with. The more you stay with her, I think you will become immune and get use to it. That or talk to a professional. Are there any peer counselors in your school? Someone you feel comfortable with opening up?

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