Why do Westerners look down upon Indians and India?

A lot of people in West think Indians smell bad and even call them subhumans. I have seen some Westerners giving statements about Indians being annoying, disgusting and inferior. A lot of Indians become the victim of racism in West. 

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    2 months ago
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    Westerners have a shared and unspoken "Ziel" or goal.

    That goal is for success brought about via aggression, exploitation, and destruction.

    This is thought to be the destiny of fallen man.

    Indians don't understand this and are deemed to be hopelessly "naive".

    Westerners strive for success on a personal level and people with natural ways and a positive attitude are thought to fit into an "anthill", going down and not up to the stars (according to Ronald Reagan), and not fitting into modern man's competitive world.

    Westerners combat and put Indians down by calling them "subhuman".   

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    Very rapey country.

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    Is that really happening? If it is, the reason must be either xenophobia or someone trying to find someone different that they can feel better than. I spent four years in IT with a major US bank.  As is usually the case, we had a large contingent from the sub-continent. I had a good business relationship with a number of these individuals and came to admire their commitment to providing the best possible atmosphere for their children to mature in, and in one instance a woman moved her family back to India to shield her daughter from the US lax morality.

    I lived for the days we had pot-luck lunches. Indian cuisine is amazing, and the spices and flavors are incredible. Previous experience had taught me the best restaurants in London serve Indian food, but these dishes were beyond belief. Are you speaking to Great Brittian or the United States or somewhere else?

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    Those are Trump-supporters and racist white people who view others like that.  Most Westerners don't feel that way at all about anyone.  You want to talk about annoying, disgusting and inferior?  Attend any gun show or auto race in the U.S.  If the stench of spilled beer doesn't make you sick, the lack of personal hygiene will. 

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    I'm western and i'm not racist to anyone. I think indians have a bad reputation because there are so many random perverts from india on facebook sending creepy messages as a result of indians rapidly gaining internet access over the years

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