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if you’re a therapist can you help me?

i’m sorry, with college expenses i can’t afford a therapist and need help. i’ve endured alot of traumatic events in my life and i’m not sure if it’s connected to how i feel. i also have alot of insecurities and i was diagnosed with anxiety but i need help understanding my mental health. my mood goes through these phases where i feel so unfulfilled, so lonely, so hopeless and extremely insecure to feeling so happy and untouchable. these moods last for about a week and it rotates. on my bad days i know i have help available to me but i still feel lonely. i don’t have the motivation to get out of bed. my brain focuses on all of the pain and trauma i’ve felt in life and harps on it so i feel worse. my insecurities get so bad i cant even look in a mirror and the thought of taking care of myself seems exhausting and pointless. on my good days i feel the opposite. i feel so optomistic and happy and untouchable. i feel like i have my life together and i take the time to take care of myself. right now i’m going through the bad phase and i feel like i’m at an all time low. i just want to know why i feel like this. please help. 

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    The love for oneself is a complete romance .

  • Jesere
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    It sounds like you are Bipolar. 

    Look this up and see if the symptoms you have are due to such. 

    Is there any family history of depressen or other mental health issues due to similar imbalances in the brain. If this is the case theapy is only one part of a treatment. 

    Knowing can be helpful, it's not a matter of choice, you are not weak , it's your brain.   You can buy Serotonin OTC......a lot cheaper than meds. Read about it and see if this might help.Serotonin is a chemical released in your brain by nerve cells. This chemical acts as a messenger to control your mood. Decreased serotonin levels may be linked to sadness or dips in your mood; an increase to a boost in your mood.

     I have been through several horrific life events.  

    I worked in the Mental health field in the Navy,  I  think you can go to my profile,  if so you can email me personally if you are comfortable doing so. I am a female. 

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    Things are going to get better even if they seem hopeless. For example, Mandela spent 27 years in prison. He stayed strong and was released and became president of his country and did a lot of good and had a great and happy life.I know of someone who was severely depressed for many years and was able to recover and live a happy life. There was a time I felt hopeless and miserable but now I am happy.

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