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how can i get an hourglass figure?

i’ve been working on losing weight. however my figure is shaped like a door. i don’t have much curves now. how can i achieve an hourglass body?

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    Build up your lats and glutes!

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    In all honesty, you probably can't. Your DNA determines your skeletal structure -- how wide your hips are, how long your legs bone are, etc.  If you are a healthy weight and have a good body composition (muscle vs fat), you will have about the best figure you can have.  If you have been dieting but not workout out, consider adding some combination or aerobic and  body weight workouts.  There are hundreds of workouts on YouTube for you to try. Developing muscle fitness will help you have a slimmer waist, broader shoulders, and a lifted booty -- al of which will make you seem a little bit more "curvy." 

    Some of the most beautify and alluring women in the world are "shaped like a door." Consider Olivia Wilde, Keira Knightly, Audrey Hepburn, Cameron Diaz, Twiggy, Rooney Mara, Rihanna, and Cara Delevigne.

    Embrace who you are. 

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