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Best dog breeds for air travel. Should I have a dog?

Nos I am at home. But after the virus I am Young to be working and changing of city and countries often because part of my World is to make research in different places and sometimes I can World online. 

The fact is... I miss to have a dog. My favorite breeds are the Great Dane and Rough Collie. But when the company I work says you will have to make research in another country how I would take a Great Dane or a Collie with me 😓. It would be very hard. I would spend a lot of money and I would get concerned about the dog far from me. Because they are over 5kg 

I also thought to have a cat that is smaller. But I read they have different places, they like their homes. I want a friend to exploir the places with me. 

My favorite small breeds are the Maltese and the Yorkshire. The Maltese is so calm for air travel. But they are so White that they would get dirty exploring new places maybe. So I thought about the Yorkshire. Well, I prefer big dogs. But my style of life is not good for one. And I love my job and see new places. I dont know what I do. I usually travel between USA and Latin America, so no problem about microchips etc. Europe and Israel are a little annoying about requiring microchip. But I only go there for a short time, I truly prefer the Americas seriously. I think about adopting a shelter dog, but they are over 5 kg and they can not travel with their owners and I would be concerned. I dont know if I should buy a Yorkshire.


Sorry, my cell iphone changes many words I say. But how I was saying... Imagine I come back after months and a great Dane does not even know who I am anymore. For a dog that size it would be even dangerous. And I would not spend much time with the dog. 

Update 2:

I can spend long hours of the day with the dog. I spend many hours writing about the research I made. But some days I need to spend visiting outdoor places to learn. The only fact is that I need to keep changing of places 

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    In reply mainly to your `update`.

    You need a small lap  dog type dog that is used to  travelling and one with a calm temperament. Unless you get a puppy and get it used to traveling a lot, its going to be hard to  find such a dog that will  suit your lifestyle. 

    In reality I don`t really think your life at the moment is suitable to keeping a dog and Taking it from country to country may be difficult due to Vaccination / quarantine laws etc. People that travel a lot either put their dog into boarding kennels or hire a pet sitter etc ,  which all  cost money. So maybe its best to wait until you have a more stable life before you get a dog of any breed. JMO 

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    No, you shouldn't own a dog, have contact with dogs.  Stay away from children.

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     No because you are obviously not old enough to own a dog of your own yet

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    With your kind of life-style at the moment, I'd not consider taking on a dog.  Yes, unlike cats who tend to be place oriented, dogs will travel/move with their owners happily, but continual air travel - not so much!   I personally think you should wait until your travelling days are over before having a dog.

    There is no 'breed' specifically good with air travel.

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    If you can't spend time every day with a dog then no, you should not have one, or a wife or children.

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