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why do i get a random creepy feeling?

the past few days i’ve been getting creepy vibes and i have no idea why. i can’t rlly explain it it feels like i’ve already died and i’m looking back on my life. or it just feels like i’m not rlly here and everyone i know isn’t actually real anymore and i’m in a simulation. maybe i’m just going crazy but i’m genuinely scared. has anyone else experienced something like this? 

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    I’ve had creepy moments with my mind in which something doesnt feel right or the situation I’m in shouldn’t exist. I’ve had this mostly when I was younger, but now that my mind has become so accustomed to every day degeneracy I am able to accept it  without my mind creeping out.

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    The sense of not really being here is called derealization, and it is sometimes a symptom of a problem that calls for professional care.

    The Psychology Today article says,

    "Since depersonalization/derealization disorder often occurs with (and can be triggered by) other mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, treatment can be difficult. For treatment to be successful, the therapist must develop an individual plan and ultimately address all symptoms and conditions. A close eye should be kept on whether the patient experiences any suicidal thoughts or impulses. Various psychotherapies can be helpful to those who suffer from the disorder, including cognitive and behavioral techniques, grounding exercises, and psychodynamic therapy."

    Depression screening tests online - CESD R, KADS 6-Item (for teenagers)

    This article - signs that you may have an anxiety disorder 


    I'll mention that you can't go wrong with stress management. It's something we all need. Therapeutic breathing is very good for this. I have advice from experts about this and other stress methods in my answers.

    The Psychology Today article mentions grounding exercises, which brings up the interesting topic of mindfulness meditation. Some people say that they've had very good results with mindfulness for derealization but others say their results were disappointing.

    I'll give you some examples of grounding exercises. 

    Eat a handful of raisins or nuts very slowly, appreciating every piece, taking a long time to finish them, being aware of your slow breathing.

    Wash and dry the dishes very carefully, focusing on what you're doing, the feelings in your hands and the sound of the water.

    Examine objects. Pick up a a few objects, name them, feel them and carefully inspect them.

    Count things.

    Breathing slowly though your nose, be aware of bodily sensations - the air passing through your nostrils, the feeling of your clothing on your skin, the pressure of the floor on the soles of your feet. Look around at the room, aware of the present moment, the here and now.

    I have advice from experts about mental health problems in my recent answers. Again, the best thing is probably to talk with a mental health professional about this.

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