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I'm being admitted to an mental institution for what I've said, why do they want to do this to me?

So I'm about to get admitted to an institution tomorrow cause I told my family about my plans and rants. I ranted to my therapist that I wanted to run away after being placed on more bond restrictions. I got in trouble a while back and so I have legal issues. I told my therapist that if they ever slapped an ankle monitor on me then I'm going to cut it off and go running to go see my friend. I have plans to see this friend of mine for months and I don't want it to go to waste. My therapist was mean and he said " you have two choices, go see your friend and go to jail or stay home and follow orders and get the legal issues resolved in your best interest". He then said to me that I must love having legal issues cause I won't follow rules. He is suggesting my parents to put me in an psych ward for me to "get myself together and get my head straight". They're taking me to the mental hospital tomorrow and I hate it. He says I'm making reckless decisions. Why do they think that I'm making reckless decisions ? What's so wrong about going to see a friend ???

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    To bad that this is just another in your ongoing lies to beg for attention here over and over.

  • 2 months ago

    Nothing wrong with going to see a friend ... if you don't mind having your bond revoked and going to jail.

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