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where can I have my voice heard?

i want my voice to be heard, but I don't know how. i just want to be able to tell the public about my mind, about my life and everything. I've thought about keeping a diary or something, but a diary is private so that doesn't work. i just want somewhere to write I guess, somewhere where others can see what I'm thinking. now writing this realizing I'm describing a blog. 

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  • 4 months ago

    reddit....  depends what you want to write about. Does not need to be a blog.  Tell me more and I will tell you where to go:

  • LAN
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    4 months ago

    Why should anyone be forced to listen to you spouting off your pitiful excuses for being a failure.   Go ahead and go downtown and just start yelling out what you want to say.   Enjoy your 72 hour mental health appraisal.

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