I've had to show my tax returns to get a loan, what to you want to bet the the Russian Banks, his financing of last resort, has them to?


And they are a bit different then what the US Government got.

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  • 2 months ago
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    We know they do, which is why he's so desperately fighting the subpoena.

  • Laura
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    2 months ago

    The govt and banks already had your tax information, they just needed your permission to access it.  

    Well, they didn't need your permission, they already have it, but it looks bad if they don't follow the procedures the law has set out.  

    Everybody in power already has all of the information they want about you, and if they ever want more they can always get more.  There is no 100% safe way to keep all of your data off the internet, unless you are going to live off the grid, give birth off the grid, and allow that child to grow up without a social security number and out of the public eye.  Only then would that child not have their information online, and only if someone didn't see you hiding a baby.  

    Everybody has your information, they have that info for everybody, not just you.    

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