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How do I pull off a skirt?

I recently realized I LOVE skirts! Well on other people not on me I’ve never had the greatest self esteem but over time everything I ate started going straight to my thighs and love handles and now I feel like I look terrible in anything but jeans. Is there a style of skirt that is more forgiving for those like me? 

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    There are hundreds of lengths, shapes, styles, and fits of skirts. In reality there's only ONE style and length you need to avoid. Stay away from the thigh length close to the body fit straight pencil skirt. It's the style shown the most but the one that's most difficult to look good on if a girl doesn't have a fashion model shape.  The thigh length cuts across the widest part of the legs and the horizontal line makes thighs appear wider. Everything else is fair game.

    A-line skirts that end just above, at or just below the knee are the most flattering shape and length for meat everyone. The width at the hem visually narrows the waist and hip region. The hem is at the narrowest point of the legs and the length works for all daytime events and many evening events. 

    A longer full cut midi skirt will also work. Look for lighter weight draping and flowing fabrics that move when you move. These skirts are super comfortable, easy to walk, run and move in and can be as casual, business-woman or elegant as you want.  It's all in accessories and what you wear on top. 

    The longer flowy maxi and almost-maxi length is also a good choice. These are what fashion writers call "casual elegant" and perfect for dinner at that modern bistro, lunch with the girls, that pool party that goes into the week hours of the night, Saturday afternoon antique shopping etc 

    And the tailored straight pencil skirt is still a classic and a wardrobe staple. Just look for a longer length and stay away from a skin tight fit and the too short thigh length.  Knee or below the knee is the best length and the straight skirt works for anything and everything during the day -wedding and baby showers, job interview, restaurants, and the ever present "smart" dress code. When you try a straight skirt on walk, sit down, crouch and do other movements you do duringh the day. If it restricts your movements, bunches up, rides up or twists on the body it's too small, go up one size.

    Once you stop thinking that all skirts are the same you'll find many options. Do try a skirt on before buying. Don't buy it if it feels right across the hips or thighs. It better to buy the larger size if you are between sizes. A largish waist can be belted up but nothing can be done about too small.  Here's an article on Marie Clare about spring skirt styles and almost all are longer and fuller cut so you can visualize what's out there and what's coming in:

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    A flowy skirt would be nice and flattering 

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