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How does slavery compare to the holocaust? Which was worse?

Civil war death count: 600k people 

WW2 death count: 80 million people 

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    Holocaust was orders of magnitude worse. Slavery is meant to keep people alive but have them working. Holocaust is meant to completely kill out countries and ethnic groups. Of course they both have discrimination and prejudice in common but Holocaust goes way beyond that. In Holocaust, we're talking about families of 45 people getting sent to one gas chamber and killed there, we're talking about people being tortured pretty badly while being forced to do slave labor.

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    WW2 death count is NOT 80 million people . Furthermore, there are various figures and sources. There is no general consensus.

    Slavery and holocaust cannot be compared. Many slaves did wish that they would be dead.

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    That's like asking death by heat or cold. Slavery is far more than America.

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    The American Civil War and World War Two death tolls are NOT the death tolls of slaves and Holocaust victims.  Neither war was ostensibly fought on behalf of them, and the death tolls were of combatants. 

    And what do you want the numbers to "prove"?  That slavery was a better system of killing because a slave was merely worked beyond exhaustion?  That the Holocaust victims suffered only for a few hours in the gas chamber or a few weeks crowded in freight cars in the sun?

    The Holocaust victims also were worked beyond exhaustion.  They had little to eat and little to keep out the cold.  They were beaten and whipped.  So were American slaves.  Both groups were injured by sharp tools, boiling liquids and unsafe machines. No health care or safety measures for the victims and little if any care from the masters.  Both groups were "inferiors" without human rights, according to the peoples who "owned" their bodies.  Both groups were "experimented" upon, to test their stamina and for "selective breeding".

    Both slaves and Holocaust victims - survivors and the dead - were treated abominably and shame to those who so treated them.

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    There was Nothing good in this

    the Holocaust Usually refers to Nazi Germany where Hitler had 6 million Jews and 9 million other Civilians murdered in death camps

    Here are 22 Known Death camps please try and Prove anyone was Not Or prove they never existed

    there were 25,000 camps in the Reich Transit camps Labor camps Prison camp and death camps

     Operation Reinhard Transit Camps: They Were Death Camps | Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Dont challenge me I have put up the Challenge you prove them wrong or never existed if you cant then shut up dont Challenge me to prove anything

    No Death camps No Cholera or Typhus and 15 Million civilians would not have died

    1.Auschwitz–Birkenau,Poland 2.5 Million including 1.2 Million Jews

    Dr. Johann Kremer witnessing the gassing of victims at Birkenau

    2.Bełżec, Poland 600,000 Jews

    3.Bergen-Belsen, Nazi Germany 50,000 on Liberation day there was 13,000 corpses Not burried

    4.Chełmno, Nazi Germany 180,000

    5.Dachau, Nazi Germany 43,000 died

    6.Gross-Rosen, Poland 40,000

    7,Koldichevo, Belarus 22,000

    8.Majdanek, Poland 60,000

    9.Mauthausen, Austria 90,000

    10.Natzweiler/Struthof, France 20,000

    11.Neuengam, Nazi Germany 55,000

    12.Plaszow, Poland 80,000 most in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

    13.Sobibor, Poland 250,000, the majority being Jews.

    14.Stutthof, Danzig 65.000

    15.Theresienstadt, Czech Republic

    16.Treblinka, Poland 1,000,000 Jews Murdered here

    17.Sajmiste in Serbia, 23,000

    18. Logor Jasenovac in Serbia, 800.000

    19.Maly Trostenets in the USSR, 206,000

    20.Janowska, in Ukraine 40,000

    21.Gornija Rijeka 2,000

    22.Jasenovac was Croatia’s largest death camp. And the worst in WW2 they Murdered some 700,000 serbs and the Bodies were thrown in the River

    Auschwitz, Majdanek, and Jasenovac were retrofitted with Zyklon-B gas chambers and crematoria buildings as the time went on, remaining operational until war's end in 1945

    these were all the Camps in Croatia

    Jadovno concentration camp

    Jasenovac concentration camp

    Sisak children's concentration camp

    Stara Gradiška concentration camp

    Lobor concentration camp

    Sajmiste concentration camp was run by the Germans

    Tenja concentration camp

    These sites were used to test the best way of exterminating People and Zyclon B was chosen as the best all from their own Mouths and Documentation and those that refuse to believe need Psychiatric help or are Closet Nazis it was called Operation Reinhard the designer of the Final solution

    Bełżec 600,000 deaths

    Sobibór 250,000 deaths

    Treblinka 900,000 deaths

    Lublin/Majdanek 130,000 deaths all from the German? Nazi records

    Poles 3 million +

    Yugoslavians 1.5 million +

    Gypsies 200,000 – 500,000

    Mentally/Physically Disabled 70,000- 250,000

    Homosexuals Tens of thousands

    Spanish Republicans Tens of thousands

    Jehovah's Witnesses 2,500 – 5,000

    Boy and Girl Scouts, Clergy, Communists, Czechs, Deportees, Greeks, Political Prisoners, Other POWs,  Resistance Fighters, Serbs, Socialists, Trade Unionists, Others Unknown

    The six million figure used in the Jewish death toll is an estimate for total lives lost. These Jewish lives were taken by a number of groups, not just Nazis. The six million figure includes Jewish lives lost in other countries as well, not just Germany, and by the various modes of killing, not just camp deaths. Ukrainian deaths were due to Russian and Nazi perpetrators alike, some killed on "acquired" German soil, others killed on Russian soil, some killed outright, others  worked or starved to death.

    The total Murdered By the Nazis in WW2 was 15 Million including the 6 million Jews

    The Nazi Euthanasia Centre at Bernburg operated from 21 November 1940 to 30 July 1943 in a separate wing of the State Sanatorium and Mental Hospital Bernburg on the River Saale  It was one of several euthanasia centres run by the Nazis under their official "Euthanasia Programme", later referred to after the war as Action T4. A total of 9,384 sick and handicapped people from 33 welfare institutions and nursing homes as well as around 5,000 prisoners from six concentration camps were killed here in a gas chamber using carbon monoxide gas.

    Each extermination camp operated differently, yet each had designs for quick and efficient industrialized killing. While Höss was away on an official journey in late August 1941 his deputy, Karl Fritzsch, tested out an idea. At Auschwitz clothes infested with lice were treated with crystallised prussic acid.

     The crystals were made to order by the IG Farben Dupont chemicals company for which the brand name was Zyklon-B. Once released from their container, Zyklon-B crystals in the air released a lethal cyanide gas. Fritzch tried out the effect of Zyklon B on Soviet POWs, who were locked up in cells in the basement of the bunker for this experiment. Höss on his return was briefed and impressed with the results and this became the camp strategy for extermination as it was also to be at Majdanek.

    Besides gassing, the camp guards continued killing prisoners via mass shooting, starvation, torture

    The first period of operation in Belzec and Sobibor lasted about three months, in Treblinka five weeks. After this initial phase, those holding key positions in Operation Reinhard decided to introduce "improvements" into the camps so as to increase their extermination capacity. This decision was brought on by Himmler's order of July 19, 1942 that all the Jews in the General Government, with a few exceptions, were to be eradicated by the end of that year.

    The main problem was finding a way to speed up the extermination procedure, i.e., increasing the absorption capacity of the gas chambers.

    Belzec was the first camp in which large gas chambers were built. The old wooden structure containing the three gas chambers was demolished, and on the same spot a larger, strong building was erected, which was 24 m. Iong and 10 m. wide. It contained six gas chambers. Statements differ as to their size; they fluctuate between 4 x 4 m. and 4 x 8 m. The new gas chambers were completed in mid July. (StA Munich 1, AZ: 22 Js 68/61, pp. 2602, 2613.)

    No Death camps No Cholera or Typhus

      and is something we must never Forget if you cant prove any of this wrong then dont give me thumbs down

    victims of Nazism included Slavs . Russians, Belarusians, Poles, Ukrainians and Serbs, Romanis (gypsies), French, Belgians, Dutch, Greeks, Italians  LGBT people, lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender  the mentally or physically Handicap  Soviet POWs, Roman Catholics, Race defilers Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, Spanish Republicans, Freemasons, people of color  Afro-German Mischlinge, called   leftists, communists, trade unionists, capitalists, social democrats, socialists, anarchists, and every other minority or dissident not considered Aryan (Herrenvolk,

     as well as those who disagreed with the Nazi regime and Jews wiki gives 6 million Jews and 11 million of the Others I have listed  listed

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    2 months ago

    Not even close in numbers nor accuracy.

    Behaviors tells it all.

    Holocaust not still happening.

    Slavery is. Just another form or style so to speak.

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    2 months ago

    How many times?

    It is not a competition.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is no doubt about it, it's very definatly the Holocaust. Slaves were not gassed and their bodies thrown into ovens. Nor were they persicuted like the Jews were during the Holocaust.

  • 2 months ago

    Holocaust. If you get caught, you’re getting gassed. 

    If you’re a slave, you might get good treatment if you have a nice owner. If you don’t then you get whipped but you’ll be alive. 

  • 2 months ago

    Slavery has been affecting people since virtually the start of human society, and even today many millions of people around the world are directly affected by it.  So, I guess, we could say that slavery is worse as the Holocaust at least ended, while slavery may continue to haunt our world for a long, long while to come.

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