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Did I get worms from my puppy licking me?

My 12 week old puppy has round worms. I didn't know till 2 days ago ive had her for 5 weeks. Could she have given them to me?

I dont feel sick or anything but she often would lick my toes and hands. I always wash my hands after handling her...

Should I go to the doctor? I hate to go during all this covid when the doctors have bigger jobs to do right now...


Please help im so scared.

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  • Sky
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    1 month ago
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    It's possible but not likely.  If you notice anything, go to the doctor.  And if you haven't already, go to your vet and get an all-wormer for the puppy.  If there are any other dogs or cats in the house, get them all treated for worms as well.

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