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How is to have a cat in USA?

Well, you can only adopt a cat in a shelter in Brazil if you have a house prepared agaisnt escape with big walls and devices to stop them to run away. I understand the people of the shelter are afraid they escape and be ran over. And when we have apartments we need to put nets in the balcony. 

I have never been to USA. But all the houses I see by movies and YouTube are very ... how can I say? ... They are very open, so... do you also try to keep your cats at home somehow? I find the houses beautiful, I am not criticizing. Do you have many accidents with cats and cars? It is a completely different World for me. 


The same here, the shelter are trying to stop over population of dogs and cats. When you adopt a dog or cat here they are neutered before you have the chance to take them home. And I find they are right. Many shelters are full. But I am glad the population are trying to help adopting pets, not buying. The other day I saw a Sheltie by YouTube in a Shelter and she was so sad, her eyes were like... My owners left me here. It broke my heart, I love cats and dogs. She is in another city. 

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    In the US, some pet owners carefully keep their cats indoors at all times or keep them on their own property. 

    Other cat owners feel it is not nice to the cat to confine them or feel that it is too much bother for the human to try doing so. These people allow their cats to roam outdoors. 

    Besides that, there are many, many feral cats roaming in the cities and rural areas. Pet cats that are allowed to roam breed with the feral cats and the population of cats increases.

    Non profit animal shelters are staffed by people who are passionate about loving animals. They will only let you adopt a cat if you agree to take good care of it, including keeping it safe on your property. But you can buy a kitten or cat from a pet store without promising anything. And if you aren't particular about the breed, it is very easy to get a free cat. Just ask people. Nearly everyone in the US knows someone whose cat had kittens or whose old relative died, leaving behind a cat or two that needs a new home. 

    Vets and animal lovers here urge all cat owners to have their cats spayed or neutered, so as not to contribute to the overpopulation of cats. Also to get your cat vaccinated against rabies and other diseases. The rabies vaccine is required by law in cities. Most cities also have a law in the city code that each home is limited to only 3 cats, but these laws are not enforced. 

    So, in most or all neighborhoods in the US, there are cats running loose. They are a nuisance, making cat fight noises at night and leaving their feces whereever they choose to. Some do get killed accidentally in the road. The roaming cats do help control the population of wild mice and rats, so I guess there is that to be glad about. 

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    Some keep their cats indoors..   Some are idiots and let their pests roam.

    Roaming cats do get shot, poisoned, hit by car and mauled by animals.

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