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Can I give bone morrow to someone that’s outside my family if I'm a match and if I'm a transplant patient?

So there’s a amish kid that is the same age as me that my parents are close with that has cancer he needs a bone marrow transplant and if he don't he will die so what I’m wanting to know if worse comes to worse and nobody in his family is a match and I am can I give it to him to save his life

I know it’s a painful procedure but I would do it in a heartbeat I know what it’s like to feel like you’re going to die

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    No, although your intentions are very good, you cannot give bone marrow being that you are a transplant patient yourself.  It would be way too risky for you and also, UNOS (the organ donation bank) would not allow it.  You can try to speak to the transplant doctor that cares for you post transplant, or try to call UNOS to inquire further, but, due to the anti rejection meds that you take, it would not be feasible.  You could ask how you can help find a suitable donor, there are other ways to be helpful here.

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