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What to do?

This is weird but I’ve been basically just touching and stretching my right under eyes a bit due to anxiety. I know it’s bad because the under eye skin is thin and sensitive but like my hands just waver there when I’m nervous or bored. I have stopped because I noticed that the skin there started getting dry, flaky and sometimes when I wash my face, that part burns. So far so well on stopping but you can tell that my under eye is flaky and dry. I started putting vaseline and a cream to help out but it only helps out for a bit till you can start seeing the dryness again. It’s not red or anything like that just flaky and sometimes burns. I have currently stopped with touching my eyes and I just wanted to some recommendations to basically help the flakyness and dryness like is there a specific cream or something I should use? Since I work at a store I feel so self conscious that people are looking there under my eye so I’m trying to find something that could help. Thank u :) for reference this is how it kind of looks like but under the eyes

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    I'm sure there's a part of Yahoo with dermatology advice. If you want advice for anxiety, I have advice from experts in my answers. There's a lot of things that can help.

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