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What's a safe, natural alternative to Roundup?

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    3 cups white vinegar and 1 cup of bleach.  (for stubborn weeds add a few drops of vegetable oil.  It helps keep the solution on the plant.)

    You want to do this  6 to 8 hours after a rain, but you want the weather report to say the next 2 days will be no rain.

    Why...because after a rain the weed is in a moisture up-taking mode and it will absorb the mixture more thoroughly.  You don't want it to rain for a few days after or it will dilute the mixture and the weed will come back to life.

    Spray in the center of the plant where it will go to the roots. Then soak the leaves.   If there are plants you want close by, use a plastic bag as a shield....ESPECIALLY if there is wind.

    This will eliminate dandelions, thistle, burdock, POISON IVY!!!!!  POISON SUMAC!!! English ivy, crab grass (regular grass)...and so on.

    It will not get rid of Purslane or Lambs Breath...but those are edible so pull them up and put them in a salad.

    (And BTW:  Glyphosate is taken up by plants you want to eat. It is stored in the plant tissues.  You ingest it when you eat those plants.  It stays in the water and in the ground.  

    But those of you who say it is safe...please spray some on your spinach and eat it daily and keep a log to show how healthy you stay.  K?)

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    Hire a 10 year old or get your kids to work outside instead of playing video games! 👾 

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    I don't know about a safe, natural alternative but I know that Roundup is not the same formula this year... probably because of the lawsuit, or maybe I just got an old or defective batch.

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    a cup of boiling water the heat from the boiling hot water kills weeds .pour enough over the weed and you have boiled weed.

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    vinegar is suggested by some people

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    White vinegar. You can use it to pour on weeds, and it will kill most of them. It won't harm wildlife either. And the other alternative is LABOR--dig up the weeds. Remove them all, including roots. 

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    It is safe. Unless you are a green plant.  It kills green when applied so lands are tilled up and made ready for planting wheat crops Hundreds of thousands of hectares  First you give it a dose of granulated Roundup and that kills the early weeds and then you plant the seeds .  By the time they produce green the Roundup that touches dirt is neutralized so the wheat grows ahead of the weeds.

    The real alternative to Roundup is making a meal out of weeds.

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    Well, you can put on gloves and pull up weeds by hand, and end up with poison ivy from your wrist to your shoulders, plus, wherever else your clothing touched your skin taking it off.

    My husband swallowed some Roundup (I used an empty beer can for a measuring cup. Don't do that) Nothing happened. We waited for the upset stomach, vomiting, so on, but nothing happened. Well nothing but me taking the measuring cups to the shed and buying a new set for the kitchen.

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    Some people use vinegar (which is a mild acid) and it will work on some weeds. As for RoundUp, it is not as dangerous as you might think if you follow instructions and use it sparingly. I believe the formula has been modified to remove the offending chemical that may be cancer forming.

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    Pulling the weeds by hand.  Completely natural.  Good exercise.

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