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Why cannot people work and get off ssi?

Why do people need job rehab for less stress  jobs? Everyone should work full time, white collar and career oriented jobs no matter how stressful it is. I dont care if you have anxiety, back pain, etc, deal with it and suck it up and work. You dont need pain pills, anxiety pills , zantac etc. No doctor's no therapist, learn the hard way. It cost all of us our tax payers  money. Trump  supporter here!! Trump 2001!!

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    lol #FailedTroll however, I love your idea.  

  • A lot of those things you listed people have can work but those with real disabilities get screwed because of fakers that ruin it for them and actually need more money

    but can't get it because they are honest and don't screw the government. . 

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    Exactly,  I was reading the answers and in agree with the annyminous  person. First of all we are anymious  for safety concerns, liberal fantastics  stalking us. My point is people need career jobs, full time, white collar jobs. I hate when I see grown men and women  living in parents homes at ages 40 and over whether they have disabilities  or not , move out and work, deal with it. You dont need meds or doctors  I have to pay for this crap. I make tons of money and it pays for these programs and job rehab places, and free doctor a by Medicaid.  Yes people will make fun of people who  dont work or live at home. I shake my head at people who work a freaking wal mart as a greeter and they say they have disabilities,  so what get a real stressful job.  Yes bosses will pick on them do your job right and they dont pick on you. They should panic. It seems like people  agree with me look at the comments. I'm a trump supporter and I will get in your business if it costs me money. I'm a marine  too. I worked hard too, and was not  some rich kid punk getting handouts from daddy while he  or she lays in the sun, plays video games, workouts  sleeps with people.  This part is actually  worse, at first  I laughed by now I'm in rage and want to fight!! There are 3 types of people. One, people who abuse welfare , two, people that are for it if they need it. Three,  people that have no mercy whether you have disabilities  or not. To sum it up move out, get a career job, get off meds. All natural. Have anyone noticed these  scumnags get desperate ugly,  desperate  guys or women. People like me get hot successfull women. I'm not even hot but still. Even people that dont work could be hot and they still get rejected by women. So then they try guys . So now their gay. After while gays reject them. Get a life America 

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    Not everyone is capable of working. Since you aren't a doctor and don't know what you're talking about, you should shut up.

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    The liberals in this country have fostered an entitlement mentality for welfare and "free stuff".

    Those with symptoms, as you point out, most CAN do some sort of work, but prefer to sit on welfare instead.  SAD!!

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