I'm learning English, so which phasal verbs with "Run" I can use to make short imperative sentences (ex: Bend down! Stand up! Sit down!)?

1 Run across !

2 Run after !

3 Run against !

4 Run along !

5 Run around !

6 Run away !

7 Run down !

8 Run in !

9 Run into !

10 Run off !

11 Run on !

12 Run out !

13 Run over !

14 Run through !

15 Run up !


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  • 1 month ago
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    Some of these would never be used, and others would only be used in very limited circumstances. The only ones that are commonly used are:

    4 Run along ! (Meaning to go away and don't bother me)

    6 Run away !  (Leave quickly)

    These are generic, and can be used without reference to anything else.

    Some of the others would need to be in specific reference to something, and would normally include that noun. For instance, "Run across" might be used to help a person cross a busy street. "Run across the street!" Similarly, the ones with directions up, down, through, over, in, etc could be used, but are generally used without a noun. "Run into the house!" One reason for this may be that they have alternate meanings which are in common use:

    Run across (To discover or find. You may run across my lost sock in the laundry)

    Run around (To mislead or delay)

    Run down (To hunt a criminal or animal, a summary, or to hit with a motor vehicle)

    Run in (an encounter)

    Run into (to unexpectedly meet)

    Run off (flow from something, as the water will run off the roof when it rains)

    Run on (Lengthy, like a run on sentence, activity, or speech.  )

    Run out (To use up the supply of something. We have run out of water.)

    Run over (Drive over something with a vehicle. She was run over by a car.)

    Run through ( To pierce something. He was run through by the sword.)

    Run up (Approach, like the run up to the election)

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