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My husband‘s brother, wife and 2 girls tried to apply for a visitors visa last year in Mexico to come visit us in the US. Of course, their visa got denied after three questions. The interview was very quick! My brother-in-law said that he didn’t even have time to present anything to prove that they were not going to be a stay risk. My husband is a naturalized citizen and this of course does not work in their favor getting a visa. They have no reason to overstay their visas. They truly want to come visit us. My husband and I are going to take a couple trips with them in the next couple years to very well developed countries and we are hoping that this will show they have good travel history In their passports and they’re returning home promptly once they are finished with a trip. We would like to try again in a couple years for them to go back and try to get their visas. We’re planning on doing a trip next year to Canada and then the following year to Spain or England. Is this something that could help them get a visa? I really don’t know what else to do. Our involvement is so little in this. I told my husband that it may be best for his brother to go by himself and apply for a visa after our trips instead of showing up with the whole family. They have no criminal records. Also my brother-in-law‘s wife is in School to become an RN. We’re trying to do everything we can to show that they are not going to be a stay risk in the United States. Any suggestions?


Mexican citizens do not need visas to enter Canada and Europe. When they went to their last interview they were not even asked to present any documentation. Consulate officers make a very very quick decision. Officers do not want papers such as bank statements, land titles etc. because they take the risk that those documents are fraudulent. All were wanting to do is put some travel history in their passports and hoping that that would show they are responsible travelers.

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    There is no 100% guaranteed way. Just the way it is.

    Your job to give officials many reasons to say yes. They only need to suspect one to say no.

    YOU cannot guarantee Canada will let you or your Mexican family in. IF you all are allowed after the Covid fiasco ends that helps your case.

     Is this something that could help them get a visa? EASIER but no guarantee.

     Showing they and you follow the travel rules of other countries.

    WAVING a passport is not how you enter any country. Border agents decide if you can pass. TRUE that a VISA is not required.

    The basic rules for most countries is that you show the Border Agent

    a REASONABLE plan for your time in country.

    A reasonable plan on how it will be financed.

    A reasonable plan to EXIT the country at the end of visit.

    For example a return to a job a ticket to exit country to some other place not necessarily back to Mexico or for you back to USA.

     Consulate officers make a very very quick decision. SO DO BORDER AGENTS.

    It takes less than a minute or two for most to clear a Border crossing. COMPUTERS know lots about you.Their screens show your history when they scan your passport. Border Agents from many countries SHARE their information about you.

     All were(sic) wanting to do is put some travel history in their passports and hoping that that would show they are responsible travelers.

    The way Covid is going you have a year or two to get things in order to present a better case for admission as a Visitor.

    You understand the process of making a history. Border agents have heard more stories than you can dream up. HONEST answers work best. There is no GUARANTEED WAY.

    Canada is a much cheaper adventure for all involved. Europe is nice too it just costs more.

    If you go to Newfoundland Canada you could try for quick trip to FRANCE it is just a 90 minute Ferry ride.

    Of course you already knew France was just off the coast of North America.

    Another alternative to travel together is to plan adventures to Caribbean countries.

    The denial is on their record. There was a specific reason they were turned down, SOLVE that issue before trying again.

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    This was not a 'quick decision'.  They had already decided to refuse your husband's brother and family.  You are quite right that the key problem was the family connection.  The fact that they all wanted to come together was also a killer.  It was a pity that they ever mentioned that they were visiting family but that is now on their permanent record as is the refusal.  Yes of course you can see one another elsewhere.   I suggest you go to Mexico.  Whether that would reassure the US Consulate is another matter, they are not known for their brains.  For the next application to visit the US, suggest only one of them applies.

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    Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do. 

    Because many travelers to the US overstay their visas, if you're coming from a lower-income country like Mexico, the consular officer will assume you're going to overstay unless you can prove to them otherwise with some strong evidence. (Yes this is not really fair, but that's the way it is). 

    They will look primarily for things like children or spouses left behind, ownership of real estate, and other strong ties to your home country that make overstay unlikely. If your entire family wants to go, or if you're young and single etc, they will probably be skeptical. 

    It's not just you. My wife is from China, and we wanted her sister to come visit and she couldn't get a visa either, even though she fully intended just to stay for 2 weeks and return home, and had supporting documents. The consular officer basically said, "you're young and single, there's no way you can convince me you won't overstay". 

    The interviews are often quick because they have a lot of applications to go through. 

    I'm not sure if the attitude of the current Trump administration has made things harder or not. Probably, but it's never been easy to get visas from lower-income countries, so this has been an issue for long time. 

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    So the 'reason' for the denial was lack of previous travel? OR what was the reason? Lack of funds, lack of employment? Previous visa denials do/will affect getting a visa to another country and the reason for the visa denial needs to be addressed

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